Thursday, May 9, 2013

... And there off without a bang!

Seems like a quiet start to the 2013 race season. Life's little activities seem to be creeping in pulling out attention and perhaps some enthusiasm out of racing. 2012 wasn't so much injury plagued but did take its toll on everyone. On a specific note for theMacs, our adoption plans are moving forward and 2013 finally looks to be the year. If you're interested you can find more information here on my wife's blog about our pending journey.

This weekend will mark the first official entrance by a BH team member into an Ontario Cup road race! Dave, apparently, has been talking about doing a road race for a few years and Jenn has called him on it essentially forcing him (that would be Dave) to MAN UP! So, plus 1 for Dave for registering for the Lake of Bays Road Race. I know I'll be looking forward to your race report.

As for the remaining team members, looks like this weekends Saturday Group Road Ride will be in the cards. For those not already in the know, I became a certified SPIN instructor last Fall and have been regularly instructing at the CFB North Bay Recreation Centre. I was to have been instructing this Saturday (which was to be my last Saturday for the Summer), however, there is also a Cadet Marching Band competition being held at the Rec-Centre and they require the extra space (that being the SPIN room) for staging the competitors as they prepare to march about the Gym being judged. Fortunately, the forecast, having been up and down all week now looks promising with cloudy but rain free weather predicted.

Looking forward on the race schedule the next race is the 24hrs of Summer Solstice on June 22nd/23rd. This is a full team event with Dan, Derek, Denis, Amy, Dave and myself. Unfortunately, without a 2nd female rider we won't qualify as "mixed" and thus be competing in an all male category. Perhaps we can convince Dan to add a few letters to his name... we could introduce him as Daniella! Hmm, maybe not.

Thanks for spending your 30 seconds with Scott!