Thursday, June 21, 2012

Time to Burn some Helmets

Amy waving during the time laps shot taken during the night in 2010
It has been 2 years since the BH's fired it up in a Chico 24 hour race. This years summer solstice looks to have some good weather in store for us. The team is almost unchanged from 2010 so you could 
probably call this a Burnt Helmets Alumni 24 hour race. 
You could also call this a vacation for some of us who haven't been camping in a chain links age.

Its going to be good times again. I like putting the camp together and setting everything up for our conveniences.  I like the camping aspect of it second to the biking.  And then there is the biking.  This year everyone should be in excellent shape and we should be pulling some fast lap times.  The course is reportedly longer this year so it would be hard to compare with other years with shorter distances.  We will find out for our selves on Friday when we pre-ride. Until then its packing, travel, un-packing, base station setup and registration.  There will be twitter up dates and maybe a few posts to follow. Stay tuned.
PS.  BH's don't forget to bring old 24 hour T-shirts. They might come in handy for prizes during the awards ceremony.

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