Sunday, April 17, 2011

A different kind of season...

So this year is turning out to be quite different than expected. Many factors are and have been coming into play - some expected, some not so expected. My training has been going well, the legs are feeling quite strong and I'm itching to get outside on the bike - indoor cycling, if not for the company, is beginning to drag. I am kinda excited to see what differences that training will yield.

Anyway, back to where things are at. I was looking forward to the race season, however, as I mentioned several factors are coming into play. For one, the price of gas - will be a big hit on the race travel budget which only reduces funds available for accommodations and meals for race weekends. Furthermore, Analysts are already predicting the price to rise by mid-summer as high as $1.70 / litre. Again, this only eats further into the budget.

These costs might have been managable, however, my teammates had previously indicated they were looking at an abbreviated race schedule - admittedly the frequent weekend travelling coupled with a full work week does make for a hectic schedule and does cut into vacation plans. We certainly had been hitting the circut hard these last three years and as much fun as 'Crank the Shield' was - it did takes it toll.

So this season is now starting to look quite different, even with the training I've completed, I will compete in just two or maybe three OCup MTB races and an 8-hour race later in the fall. There could be a road race lined up somewhere in there, but nothing is lining up at the moment.

What will continue are the weekly group rides both on the road and off. As these truly are what I enjoy about cycling!