Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burr... and now for the off-season!

As you might have heard - Northern Ontario really only has two seasons, winter and summer (or as some say winter and not winter). The flurries have flown, the cold is setting in - there has been frost nearly every morning in the last two weeks. The wind chill makes cycle outdoors a bit of a downer, more so than in the spring as then at least the days are getting warmer.

So, yes - the off-season is upon us Northern Ontario Cyclists. So what now? Well, we move inside and start off-season training. This includes, spin classes ( **which I have to tell you is quite different from riding a bike and well, listening to music while doing it is also quite inspiring** ) and primarily core work as I don't want to lose the form I've developed this past race season but rather improve on it.

So I've got a goal, now just to plan on meeting that goal for the start of next year's racing season. Based on discussions thus far - things will be different, perhaps a little more selective in the races attended but its early and still quite a lot of off-season between now and April 2011.

Anyway, from all of us at Burnt Helmet Racing - Thanks for following along this season - we appreciate the support and to our sponsers thank you for ensuring a safe, strong and enjoyable race season!

Thanks for spending your 30 seconds with Scott!

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  1. Well, I gave it 40 seconds because I was enjoying the Indian SUmmer weather.