Monday, September 20, 2010

Crank the shield Stage 3

Well its all done. They said it was going to be the easy day but far from it.
There were some monster climbs, unridable, unbelievable. The day started at Sir Sams and in classic style I was late for the start. By the time I finished my morning business and got outside all 250 riders were gone, even my tag team partner Dave. I put on my helmet, grabbed my bike and furiously road the road and ski hill climb until I joined up with Dave who claimed he was lollygagging until I caught up. Then we unleashed the crankin. There are some excellent climbs and fast single track. Then a super fast 13km road ride in which Dave and I demolished, cranking all the hills stand up style.
The middle of the stage had some nasty climbs.
In the end we crossed the line in 3:53 and in 7th, our consistent placing. We finished seventh overall too. Scott his short course in 3:18 and came 5th in his group.
It was the cleanest ride of all the stages.
We were greeted by our spouses and some hot food and Beer.
Can't wait to do nothing for the next few days. Ya!


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