Wednesday, August 18, 2010

O Cup 7 2010 Provincials Soon - OCup 5,6 Race Reporrrrr

This weekend will be it for Ocup racing in 2010.  I am looking forward to the Ocup 7 Provincial Championship race... and the new Woodnewton venue. It should be fun.  I have my legs back so I am looking forward to redeeming my once mighty race footprint.  Its a battle for 2nd and 3rd overall with 1st likely not an option. If I have a good race there should be a final standing spot for me on the pode.

I haven't talked much about the last 2 Ocups likely due to my disappointment in the outcome of both.

Ocup 5 (Buckwallow) was a fantastic venue and the weather could not have been better.
Unfortunately a new tire and rim setup let me down.  I was feeling great and big ringing everything with a gap of about 2 minutes and only half a lap to go. Then I landed too hard on my front tire while trying to navigate some rocky single track. With a bang my UST rim burped my non UST tire.  Previous to this setup choice I was running Maxxis Monorails non UST with a stans rim strip on non UST rims.  With the tire pressure at around 28 PSI I have had nothing but success with this setup.  Then I switched to Mavic UST rims, kept the same Monorails but left out the rim strips and that was my undoing for Ocup 5.  I just couldn't fix the flat. My pump sucked and under the stressfull situation I waisted a Co2 cartridge.  Running it out, though a respectful way to finish would have meant a low finish and not enough points to make it worth my while so I walked off the course in disappointment... a DNF (Denis Never Finished)
I wasn't a good day for another burnt helmet... Dave. He had 3 flats in total and passed me while I was trying to fix mine.

 Leading up to the OCup 6 weekend I was on vacation and tried to squeeze in some hard rides near the end of the week, Wednesday and Thursday, when I relieved that I hadn't done much to prepare for the next Ocup.  That sort of strategy failed as I had depleted my strength and could not recover in time of Ocup 6. My legs told me the story that was about to unfold in 3 days time. There is also the matter of indulging in a few too many wobbly pops the night before the race.  Either way I didn't have what takes to pode and it was clear after the first lap.  Out of the gate I tried to keep the pace high but 3 of us pretty much stuck together. I rode with Alan, the new overall leader, and Daniel, the soon to be winner of the race.  I was first up the ski hill climb and in to the single track first but I wasn't feeling the best.  In true Deny fashion I poured it on until I had no gas in the tank. Usually that lasts me the whole race but on that day it was only about a lap worth.  By the beginning of the second lap survival instincts kicked in and with Daniel taking the lead up the climb I reached my hand out to Alan for a fist bump and the words "Go get him".  Then I slowed my pace down so I could finish the race in one piece. (hobble home mode)  4th place past me after the 2nd time climbing and gave me a confused look "As in what are you doing back here".  I shrugged and told him there was no more gas in the tank.  I crashed on the long downhill rocky section next to come.  My front tire was bouncing all over the place, I endo'ed and in the process lost an ergon bar end.  Now I was pissed off about that and despite losing 2 minutes and a bunch of race positions while looking for it, I came up empty handed... literally.  I had to remove the loose grip and race the next 1.5 laps with no grip or bar end. Man that was challenging.  
When I came through the start finish and feed zone in mid pack position I simply smiled to my friends and wife and told them "I'm having fun". I was having some fun since there was no more pressure on me. No pressure until I heard Dave Harding yell out to me from behind.  Dave's group started 2 minutes after my group so for him to catch up meant I was falling back, which I knew.  But I perked up a bit and rode a little harder to the finish so he wouldn't catch me.  There is no easy way to live down a catch.  Just ask Scott and Amy. hehe


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  1. Blame Dave, he dubbed you ‘The OCup Slayer’ and inflicted the rest of your races with bad karma.

    Good luck at provincials. I’m sure you’re a lock for the “pode” with your legs back. I’ll be watching from the sidelines since I gashed my leg open in Haliburton last weekend and got 10 stitches. Yeah, bad luck all around.

    I’ll bring that Ergon bar end for ya.