Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mountain Training at Sea Level

I decided tonight to head out and rip my legs off. I had lots of energy to burn off for some reason and I wanted to test my legs to see how I am feeling for this weekend's Ocup at Kelso. I was going to go mountain biking, even got my bike all prepped, but ...
at the last minute I decided I didn't feel like getting all muddy, and instead I picked up the road bike (it's way lighter too!).  The road I chose was one with many short but tough little hills that come at you one after another. It's one of my favourite road rides close to home that rides along Trout Lake. We had some rain today, and there was alot of humidity in the air - the air was thick, almost foggy, it was kinda cool to ride in.
This is the first of many short hills on the road
This is such a nice road, no traffic, in the woods,
along the lake. You can go as fast or as slow
as you want.
Trout Lake, minutes from my house, easy to get to.
This is right at the start of the road.

Recovery beverage of choice this evening. I've been
enjoying the extra 'hoppy' beers these summer days

Next ride I have planned is the Thursday mountain bike group ride. I gotta test my tires and wheels out after last week's total failure of my tubeless tire setup. I went back to my tried and true setup, and I want to verify all is right with the wheels again. If they can survive the Thursday night ride, they will roll just fine at Kelso.

Looking forward to the next race. Time for another beerverage.

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  1. Same recovery drink I use during the 24 hour race. Works Wonders!!