Monday, July 19, 2010

Georgian Bay Ride

I was visiting family near Midland this past weekend, and I brought my road bike to do some training on the open country roads. It was a nice ride out there - I saw quite a few cyclists out, some were out for fun, and a few were out for some training. None of them were travelling in the same direction I was, so there was no drafting to help fight the headwinds.

I needed some horsepower to fight the headwinds. All I found was this sign.

The traffic was pretty light on the roads. Most drivers passed with respect, but one old man in a white truck decided to drive as close to me as he could, even though there was no oncoming traffic. I heard him coming so I was ready for it. The one I was not ready for was this one car that buzzed by me really close, and he was obviously speeding. I though, what a idot. Then about 10 seconds later a OPP cruiser came by me with its lights on - I can only imagine that cop was after the car that just blew by me.

 Pretty nice view at one end of Concession 18

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