Saturday, July 10, 2010

Buckwallow Ocup 5 2010

Dave Jen Amy and I (Deny) arrived in Bracebridge around noon and headed to Lake of Bays Brewery for a tour and a tour four of LB beer. After a quick primal lunch we headed in the other direction toward Muskoka lakes Johnston's Cranberry Marsh. It was Amy's turn to stock up on her favourite mood modifying substance... wine; Cranberry wine. No tour just a video and a wine tasting. I liked the desert wine and Amy liked them all.

We pre rode the course around 230, just one lap. It was backwards from previous years and I quite enjoyed it though race pace won't be so enjoyable. Its going to be dry for the race... Ya!

Our next spot was Wabora for Dinner. I reserved a hibachi table way back in May just to be sure we would get it for this weekend. I had to re-reserve in early June because they lost the reservation. The hibachi table is one that the chef cooks for you on a hot right in front of you. It was a fabulous dinner.

We retired to the Sleep Inn for some TV and some blogging. Forget it competitors... I am not giving up my room number.

See you at the race tomorrow.

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