Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blackberry Cronicals - nordic group ride

Nordic/Bill/Bull trails.
First to arrive at 6:10 but its raining.
It cleared within 10 and Dave and I are good to go.
Met up with the rest of the riders about a K into the trails then head to the pipeline. We made it to bulls trails for a loop up top.

It got dark so we booked it back down.
Dave had some tire trouble with a few burps and a flat. Many Co2s and tubes and he was back on track.

Great ride. Dave change those tires soon.

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Monday, July 19, 2010

Georgian Bay Ride

I was visiting family near Midland this past weekend, and I brought my road bike to do some training on the open country roads. It was a nice ride out there - I saw quite a few cyclists out, some were out for fun, and a few were out for some training. None of them were travelling in the same direction I was, so there was no drafting to help fight the headwinds.

I needed some horsepower to fight the headwinds. All I found was this sign.

The traffic was pretty light on the roads. Most drivers passed with respect, but one old man in a white truck decided to drive as close to me as he could, even though there was no oncoming traffic. I heard him coming so I was ready for it. The one I was not ready for was this one car that buzzed by me really close, and he was obviously speeding. I though, what a idot. Then about 10 seconds later a OPP cruiser came by me with its lights on - I can only imagine that cop was after the car that just blew by me.

 Pretty nice view at one end of Concession 18

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

They were Good Times, They were Flat Times

Sorry for the late race report, I totally forgot to type one up till now. This is for Ocup 5 at Buckwallow.

I'll skip all the Saturday activities prior to the race on Sunday, as it was the usual - visit a brewery, preride course, drink a few beers, go out for dinner, have some more beers, go to bed.

Sunday morning we arrived in time for Amy to get warmed up before her 9:30 race. I watched her start, and come through for her second lap. Isabel came to see the start of the race; she is a OPP officer working in the area, so Chico made sure everyone know there was OPP on site, so watch your speed out there.

After Amy started her 2nd lap, I headed back to the truck to get ready and go warm up. There is a nice long road beside the race course, so Deny and road out and back on that for about 1/2hr to warm up the legs. It was pretty hot out, and one of the things I like to do to cool off abit is to stick ice cubes in my helmet vents. So after the warmup, I headed back to the truck to get some ice cubes, and I downed a 5hr Energy drink for good measure.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Buckwallow Ocup 5 2010

Dave Jen Amy and I (Deny) arrived in Bracebridge around noon and headed to Lake of Bays Brewery for a tour and a tour four of LB beer. After a quick primal lunch we headed in the other direction toward Muskoka lakes Johnston's Cranberry Marsh. It was Amy's turn to stock up on her favourite mood modifying substance... wine; Cranberry wine. No tour just a video and a wine tasting. I liked the desert wine and Amy liked them all.

We pre rode the course around 230, just one lap. It was backwards from previous years and I quite enjoyed it though race pace won't be so enjoyable. Its going to be dry for the race... Ya!

Our next spot was Wabora for Dinner. I reserved a hibachi table way back in May just to be sure we would get it for this weekend. I had to re-reserve in early June because they lost the reservation. The hibachi table is one that the chef cooks for you on a hot right in front of you. It was a fabulous dinner.

We retired to the Sleep Inn for some TV and some blogging. Forget it competitors... I am not giving up my room number.

See you at the race tomorrow.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fixin wheels before Buckwallow

Bike shop got the tread direction wrong so I'm just swapping direction and re-stans'ing my tires. The BH are heading down to Bracebridge Saturday AM for a pre ride.

Of course we have 2 scheduled brewery stops and 1 winery along the way.

We have a habochi table reserved at the Wabora as well. Can't wait!

See you there.

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Canada Day

Happy Canada Day from the Burnt Helmets!