Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is my first post and thank you Denis for the other ones where you have included my thoughts!

As you have read in some of Denis' entries, I have had some good races, but truly I am at the back of the pack. It is normal though as I have just moved up from beginner to master sport category 30-39 age group. My best placing so fair was at Hardwood O-cup #3 which I came in 4th. My last race at Mountain View O-cup #4 was my worst placing, but my time behind first was only 7 mins which was great. The previous times behind first place were over 10 mins. So I should be happy about this however biking in avocado mush on a mountain bike trail is not fun! This means that your bike is always slipping out from you and you fall; which I did fall many, many times! I loving biking, but I hated it that day...all I wanted was to stay on my bike but my tires were full of mud making them slip whenever I turned or braked. My second lap I was afraid to push myself because all I had in my mind was FALLING. By the end, I just wanted to throw my bike into the bush and never see it again. It was also hard knowing that due to race times for the other burnt helmets would not be around to cheer me on. It is always nice to hear familiar voices pushing you and making the race a little more enjoyable. I know the next O-cup #5 at Buckwallow July 11th will be a come back. I love the coarse and I can even ride in the mud!!! The coarse is full of rocks, big ones to ride over, not a lot of hills and some beautiful scenery.

I am enjoying racing this year not only for racing but racing with my husband. Can't wait...

The next race is the 24 Hour of Summer Solstice at Albion Hills, 7 person team in two weeks. It will be my first tackle at a 24 hour event, however I know what I am in for as in the past I have supported Denis and Dave in many of there tag team races.

In the mean time, I will be out on both my road and mountain bikes to train for the rest of the racing season. Denis and I went out on the North Bay Tri route last night (only part of it) which was awsome. It was just long enough to get the legs spining and worked out the muscle stiffness from the run Sunday.

Next ride will be the group ride on Thursday evening at Nordic mountain bike trails. Until the next time...keep moving forward and smile!



  1. You are doing great this season Amy. The Midland race sucked for everyone who had to deal with the rain. That is never fun. I look forward to cheering you on at Albion. I will even cook for you if you want :)

  2. We were out Tuesday night too, shorter ride as Julie is just closing in on 20km rides without needing CPR - although I think she fakes it afterwards so she can kiss me.