Monday, June 28, 2010

Good Times

The results are posted, and BH actually finished 21st out of 86. Way to go team, I had a great weekend.

Chico Racing - Results

Kudos to Chico Racing for delaying the race by 2hrs to due to the rain. This, I am sure, helped keep the course in shape for the whole race - I was really surprised how well it held up.

We had our campsite pretty well decked out with enough tents, canopies and tarps that we were able to shelter 13 people, 2 dogs and all our gear from the rain - I think everyone was happy and as dry as we could be.

Thanks Dan for your homemade energy bars, they were really good!

Personally I am happy with my lap times, a little surprised actually considering my lack of training this year, let alone over the last month. My bike and gear held up well. I changed my suspension bearings last week and the bike felt so smooth again, creak free. I realized I want a brighter headlight, something that can throw a brighter spot further down the trail. Currently I am using a Maxx-D on the handlebar, and a Joystick on the helmet, from Exposure Lights. The joystick is pretty bright, but I'd like something brighter for next year.

Well the next race for BH is the next OCup #5 at Buckwallow Cycling Centre, Bracebridge

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