Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Post Race Reports

Apparently, I don't write often enough to provide our readership with the tantalizing updates that they so crave! So, although I don't expect to change - I will fill in some gaps since my last entry.

In my last entry I talked about OCup #1 and finishing 15th out of 20. It seems so long ago, but in reality it was only about 6 weeks ago. In that time, I have raced three (3) more OCup races. I also mentioned in my last entry that I was going to 'try something new'. Well, that strategy paid off somewhat in OCup #2 as I finished 13th out of 22 racers. It really is nothing special - just simply expending a little more energy off the start in order to hold onto a competitors wheel long enough to sit in a good position.

So leading up to OCup #3, I began practising 'race starts' - again nothing special but nonetheless it helped. I finished 12th out of 30 racers and at only 6:41 behind first place - definately a personal best for me! I should, however, mention that my riding has improved this year; mostly due to holding Dave and/or Deny's wheel a little more often during our MTB rides which has allowed me to see their line and inspires me to a little more confidence. I have also, prehaps, been more vocal in asking them what the best line is but mostly only if I'm holding their wheel. As they are out to improve their technique and it isn't fair to always be asking them to slow down for my benefit but riding on their wheel does give me confidence to tackle more technical sections which ultimately allows me to ride even better.

Where does all this leave me with the last race - OCup #4 - you ask. Well, it was a disaster. It rained a good 6 hours leading up to my 8:30am start time and continued to rain during the race. The course got ripped up and I wasn't sure if my wheels were spinning or sliding! I did place fairly well, as I finished 9th out of 12 racers but at 12:33 behind first place it was my worst finish this year. This race wasn't without falls, I must have slid out on the single track at least four times during the 2nd lap as the rain continued to affect trail conditions. If the conditions had been better I might have finished a few places higher or at the least keep my time behind first place to under 10 minutes as in past races this year.

... but that is just the way things go sometimes! If you've been following along with all BH posts you'll know our next event is the 11th annual Summer Solstice by Chico Racing. With the next OCup about 4 weeks away there will be no time for resting as practice makes perfect. Thanks for spending your 30 seconds with Scott!

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