Friday, June 18, 2010

Hey you! Electric Scooter Drivers

L ately electric scooters have been ticking me off. I dislike em at the moment. I ride bicycles and motorcycles so I have an appreciation for both the road and the trail. So scooters are fine. Electricity is fine. Put them together and sometimes you get a bicyclist that drives around like a car, or bike where he or she wants and requires no insurance or license.

Here are the 10 reasons to dislike electric scooters and their drivers. (Directed at the driver)
1. You're too slow for traffic and hold up the lane because other drivers are scared to pass
2. You gun your scooters down sidewalks and through parking lots.
3. You don’t pay insurance and don’t need a license
4. Unpredicatable and you scooter drivers are fearless
5. What happens in a collision, do I pay my deductable and you drag your busted scooter home?
6. Walmart sells them, there will be a lot more on the roads soon
7. Where the $%^# are you turning, you don’t have any signals
8. How the *%^$ can you pass me on the right then expect to own the lane
9. Participaction! Hal Johnson wants you to get a real bike!
10. What’s with the stone cold face? You look like agent Smith sitting at a computer.

I do regard electric scooters as a green alternative to driving and a convenient way to get around without working up a stank. I also don’t think that the solution is to make scooter drivers pay more money to travel green.
I just want there to be some education about proper operation and road educate. If there isn’t already, a clear definition of where they can drive and what rules to follow would be great. Also maybe some sort of plate ID so that a driver can be tied to their scooter and they can be held accountable for any road related issues involving other drivers or even pedestrians. (Register them like an ice shack. NB0001)


  1. I don't so much mind them, it really tends to be the operator's poor ettiquette and distain for rules. While on my road bike (yes - I'm pedalling) I have seen more than a few e-bike operators approach a red light ahead of me only to unexpectedly veer off the road through a parking lot, across a sidewalk and back onto an adjacent road to avoid having to wait in order to make a left hand turn. As I patiently wait, make the turn only to then catch up to them a little way up the road. Got you far, didn't it!

  2. I love em, anything to get people out of cars really. I think they are great for people with too long a commute to bike all the way. Of course they are getting flak from cyclist for some reason.. to these people I say to stop being jazz ayatollahs.

  3. I totally agree Den. I have seen some serious jackasses on them. Like you said they act like they think they are bicycles and ride all over the place NOT on the road following the rules. I don't think they realize they have to. They don't have to get a license do they? It shows.