Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deny Lap Time

Deny brings home the bacon and finishes up his 2nd lap, 12th for the team. He had a late start, Deny style. He was probably a sub hour.
Dave is up next and he is fired up.

Lap 12 completed at 3:44:34, Rank=25, OutOf=86, lap time=1:04:34.
17sec behind 24th place (307).

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  1. Yeah - when I raced by the timing tent and yelled "Go Burnt Helmets" and got silence (except for some yelps from bystanders) I thought to myself "oh, oh". I looped back to finish my lap, dismounted and slapped the timing chip onto the scanner before I ran out yelling "Deny, Deny, Deny... and nothing. I couldn't help but laugh to myself as I strolled over to check out my finish time for the lap, stolled back and called for Deny again - still nothing. As I decided what to do next a lone light in the distance starts rolling towards the timing tent and as it nears I see the glimmer of a white Fox fork and I call out "Denis?" only to receive a reassuring headbob of his helmet light along with a subtle "Yes". We chat briefly about course conditions and Deny is off for his lap.

    I agree, definately a sub-hour lap as it was easily more than 5 minutes before he arrived to pass the timing chip. :D