Sunday, June 27, 2010

Burnt helmets finish summer solstice 21st out of 86

The race is over. Dave finished up strong. It was a great race and I believe all had fun. We are packed up and attending the awards. No medals for us but we may still win some draw prizes. Here are some pics from the end of the race.


  1. Anonymous27 June, 2010

    Nothin', we gitted nothin' in Prizes....oh well...a good time ridin'.

    Ridin'...Ridin' two three...
    When you ride a 24 you sure gotta go pee.

    Everyone have a Crur(gastrocnēmius/maximus/soleus/Quadriceps.e.t.c.).....est "tightus"....Monday....Man Latin sounds so cool....New...old...or...whatever

    Mr. Master Mischievous Mechanical Masculism Mark

  2. Cool stuff guys, too bad about the prizes though. I had a blast, thanks for having me on the team

  3. As promised, here is the survival bar recipe:
    and in case the link goes dead one day:


    * 2 lbs pitted dates
    * 2 lbs figs
    * 2 lbs raisins
    * 2 cups cashew pieces
    * 2 cups sesame seeds
    * 2 cups peanut butter


    1. Mix all ingredients except for peanut butter through a meat grinder.
    2. Add peanut butter and mix well.
    3. Roll out into 1/2 inch thick sheets.
    4. Cut into bars and wrap well.
    5. Makes 60 2 ounce bars.

    I buy all my stuff at the bulk barn (get the cheapest ingredients for best value). The batch you guys tasted had a handful of coffee in it, some had coconut, some had almonds instead of cashews and I also put a bit of pure cocoa for the antioxidants.