Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The B Team

Well this weekend is the 24hr Summer of Solstice mountain bike race. The Burnt Helmets are coming from far and wide across this province to compete in the 6-10 person division.

Introducing the 2010 Burnt Helmets line up:

Deny "The Ocup Slayer" Buchwald
Our secret weapon

Derek "What Did I get myself Into" Thompson
Maybe we can find a new nickname this weekend for Derek

Scott "Steady Eddy" MacDonald
Soon to be a "The Law Bringer"

Mark "The Mechanical" Brozowski
Hopefully we can get him a new nickname this weekend

Amy " DENIS! " VanMeirlo
This is Amy's first time competing in a 24hr race. She will earn a new nickname this weekend too.

Dan "It Better Not Rain or I am outta here" Doucette
Dan will earn a new nickname this weekend too.

Dave Harding
(someone has to give me a nickname this weekend)

There you go, the Burnt Helmets. We just got jerseys, so after the race we'll post some proper team pictures.

We are going to crush the competition!

Hope to see you out there!


  1. Yeah Bitches!

    So, I have a few potential nicknames for Dave:

    a) Dave "line 'em up" Harding
    b) Dave "the brewmiser" Harding
    c) Dave "damn that Deny" Harding
    d) Dave "is that a Cervelo" Harding
    e) Dave "yes, it was expensive" Harding
    f) Dave "the handy man" Harding
    g) Dave "the road rocket" Harding

    I'm angling for a new nickname this year too... but I think that photo shows me going the fastest I did in that year!

    Also, I edited your post - but only to add the "MS." in Amy's nickname! :D

  2. no no, now your edit of my post doesn't make sense now - It's her favourite saying!

  3. Oh, alright - now I see what you are getting at! Back to "DENIS!" it is.

  4. Man, my helmet is very nerdy looking.. oh well, it's lasted me 10 years and might last me another 10.