Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Season Begins - Thanks Sponsors

The cycling season is upon us and the Burnt Helmets have done new things this year in preparation. We started this website and ordered our own jerseys which are expected to arrive anytime. We also asked some local businesses if they would like to help out with the cost of our Jerseys in exchange for some Jersey real-estate. More on them a little later…
Our Jerseys are from Jersey53 (www.jersey53.ca).
They have been super friendly and accommodating. All of our custom jersey needs were met, the Jerseys look amazing and they were at an affordable price. Did I mention no minimum order required.

This will be the first year that we support the efforts of a female rider as she competes in the sport category. This is also the first year that 3 of our riders will compete in Crank the Shield which is sure to be a challenging 3 days of riding. In total we will be at 9 cross-country events throughout Ontario this summer. There may be a few impromptu races and perhaps a triathlon. Are we serious? Ya but it’s always been fun before fitness. If this year is like any in the past we will notch a few victories or learn a lot from defeat. At least we will look good sporting our new colours. Let’s hope for a good fun year of doing what we love… to ride and to race.

I would like to give out a huge thanks to Body Back in Motion, Cycle works and SS Automotive for helping out with our team member’s Jerseys. Your logos look great on our jersey - thank you for your support. For what it’s worth, via this website and when we wear your logo, you are getting a little exposure here and abroad.
If it wasn't for SS Auto my car would be so broken it wouldn't be able to drive me to Body Back in Motion to fix my calves or so that I can pickup my bike parts at Cycle Works. You all make it possible! (I know that was a little Cheesy).

Site visitors please visit our sponsors' websites or better yet visit them in person for service. They are the best in North Bay!

Sincere thanks from the BH!

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