Thursday, March 25, 2010

Getting to bed in the technology age

Computers are a pretty big part of our lives now. These words, this blog and an audience to read it wouldn't exist and we as a society would be finding others things to do when the sun goes down such as like sleeping or reading in low light settings. But we stay up late surf the net, read tangents of info and ignore countless cues to go to sleep. Its the AM and this monitor is bright even as I type so its no wonder that at night my brain would forgo bedtime and stay up late.

I was introduced this morning to a nifty app called F.lux that you can install which dims your monitor and changes the colour a bit to help align with your Circadian rhythm. The app synchronizes with your time /time-zone so that after sundown your monitor will undergo slight changes to help affect your mood. The result is that your brain doesn't think you are staring directly at the sun (your monitor) when surfing the net late at night.
I'm going to set it up and try it out. The more sleep I can get the better I'll ride!

P.S. You may want to disable it if you've got that big project due tomorrow.

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